Monday, 5 August 2013

List Of PsyBNC Commands?

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BWHO - Lists all Users on the Bouncer
PASSWORD - Sets your or another Users Password(Admin)
BVHOST - Sets your vhost to connect thru
PROXY - Sets your proxy to connect thru
SETUSERNAME - Sets your User Name
SETAWAY - Sets your away-Text when you leave
SETLEAVEMSG - Sets your Leave-MSG when you leave
LEAVEQUIT - If set to 1, parts all channels on quit
SETAWAYNICK - Sets your nick when you are offline
JUMP - Jumps to the next IRC-Server
BQUIT - Quits your current Server Connection
BCONNECT - Reconnects a bquitted Connection
AIDLE - Enables/Disables Antiidle
AUTOREJOIN - Enables/Disables Auto-Rejoin
ADDSERVER - Adds an IRC-Server to your Serverlist
DELSERVER - Deletes an IRC-Server by number
LISTSERVERS - Lists all IRC-Servers added
ADDNETWORK - Adds a seperate Network to your client
DELNETWORK - Deletes a Network from your client
SWITCHNET - Switches to a given Network
ADDOP - Adds a User who may get Op from you
DELOP - Deletes an added User who got Op
LISTOPS - Lists all added Ops
ADDAUTOOP - Adds a User who gets Auto-Op from you
DELAUTOOP - Deletes an added User who got Op
LISTAUTOOPS - Lists all added Auto-Ops
ADDBAN - Adds a ban (global or to a channel)
DELBAN - Deletes a ban by Number
LISTBANS - Lists all bans
ADDASK - Adds a host/bot to ask Op from
DELASK - Deletes a host/bot to ask Op by Number
LISTASK - Lists the hosts/bots to ask Op from
ADDIGNORE - Adds a hostmask/contentfilter to the ignores
DELIGNORE - Deletes a hostmask/contentfilter from the ignores
LISTIGNORES - Lists the currently added ignores
PLAYPRIVATELOG - Plays your Message Log
ERASEPRIVATELOG - Erases your Message Log
ADDLOG - Adds a Log source / filter
DELLOG - Deletes a Log source by number
LISTLOGS - Lists all added Log sources/filters
PLAYTRAFFICLOG - Plays the Traffic Log
ERASETRAFFICLOG - Erases the Traffic Log
ENCRYPT - Encrypts talk to a given channel/user
DELENCRYPT - Deletes an encryption entry by number
LISTENCRYPT - Shows a List of encrypted talks
* BREHASH - Rehashes the proxy and resets all Connections
* MADMIN - Gives a User an Admin flag
* UNADMIN - Removes the Admin flag from a User
* BKILL - Kills a User from the proxy
* SOCKSTAT - Shows/Logs the current Connections
* ADDUSER - Adds a new User to the Bouncer
* DELUSER - Deletes a User from the Bouncer
* NAMEBOUNCER - Names your bouncer (needed for linking)
* LINKTO - Adds a bouncer Link to the Host/Port
* LINKFROM - Adds a bouncer Link from your Bouncer
* RELAYLINK - Allows or disables a relayable Link
* DELLINK - Deletes a Link to a bouncer
LISTLINKS - Lists all Links to/from the Bouncer
* RELINK - Resets a link to a bouncer by number
* PLAYMAINLOG - Plays the Connection Log
* ERASEMAINLOG - Erases the Connection Log
* ADDALLOW - Adds a host allow to connect
* DELALLOW - Deletes a host allow
* LISTALLOW - Lists the host allows on your proxy
SRELOAD - Reloads the Script for the User
LISTTASKS - Lists the current running tasks
* SETLANG - Sets the language (global)
BHELP - Lists this help or help on a topic
BHELP Use /QUOTE bhelp for details.