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How To Install Gseen And Stats Module On Eggdrop?

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What is a module?

Modules are pieces of code programmed in C and can provide extra functions for your eggdrops, stats, seen, functions etc. Your eggdrop will come with some preinstalled modules that you will be able to see in the config are loaded by the command loadmodule ModuleName. Modules will generally run quicker then tcl scripts as they are already compiled but they are harder to install as your bot will most likely need to be recompiled for each module, wheras you can load a tcl on the fly and just rehash/restart the bot.

How to load a module?We assume that you have already downloaded the source for your eggdrop (eggdrop1.6.21.tar.gz etc..) and unzipped it on your shell. If not do this before you continue

wget www.geteggdrop.com
tar -zxvf eggdrop1.6.21.tar.gz

Download a module - one from below or another from the internet.

Stats Module -http://www.kreativrauschen.de/stats.mod/download/stats.mod.1.3.3.dev1.tar.gz

Gseen Module -

Use wget from your shell url or an ftp client like FileZilla to upload these files to your shell.

For the purpose of this help snippet we will concentrate mainly on the stats module and assume your eggdrop source directory is eggdrop1.6.21

Upload or move your module stats.mod.1.3.3.dev1.tar.gz /gseen.mod.1.1.1.dev3.tar.gz to the directory ~/eggdrop1.6.18/src/mod/ in your shell.

Move to the directory eggdrop1.6.21/src/mod/ on your shell and unzip the stats module.

tar -zxvf stats.mod.1.3.3.dev1.tar.gz (tar -zxvf gseen.mod.1.1.0.tar.gz)

Move back to the eggdrop1.6.18 and compile your bot as usual:


make iconfig


make install

Important: With the stats module you must remember to copy the language files from ~/eggdrop1.6.18/src/mod/stats.mod/ to ~/eggdrop/language/ !

Go to :
cd /eggdrop1.6.21/src/mod/stats.mod/
cp stats.conf /home/yourshellusername/eggdrop/
cp stats.lang /home/yourshellusername/eggdrop/language/

Important: With the stats module you must remember to copy the language files from ~/eggdrop1.6.21/src/mod/gseen.mod/ to ~/eggdrop/language/ !

Go to:
cd /eggdrop1.6.21/src/mod/gseen.mod/
cp gseen.conf /home/yourshellusername/eggdrop/
cp gseen.de.lang /home/yourshellusername/eggdrop/language/
cp gseen.en.lang /home/yourshellusername/eggdrop/language/

This completes the installation of a new module.

You now need to add a line to your eggdrop.conf

source stats.conf
source gseen.conf

Following these measures you can start your bot ./eggdrop eggdrop.conf

You should also note that not all modules come with a .conf file and therefore you will need to load the module from your eggdrop.conf file by including the following line. Both stats and gseen have this line in their respective stats.conf and gseen.conf file which you will have loaded.

loadmodule ModuleName

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